A New Community board of YIC System
  • YSE5250 board is a new community board based on Exynos5250, Cortex-A15 Dual

YSE5250, a new community development board designed by YIC System who has developed
the SMDK boards which are the certified Samsung AP development team officially
and uniquely offers more stable and outstanding performance, Clock speed up to 1.7GHz,
High-performance of MFC and ISP, Low Power Consumption (30% lower than previous 45nm)
and world’s highest resolution – WQXGA.


1. Modular System

YSE5250 consist of CPU board, base board and option boards so that you can test the each functions with the system.


2. Android OS

  • Android Image and BSP is supplied with the board.
  • Android ICS 4.04
  • Android JellyBean 4.2 (05' 2013)


CPU Board

Parts Description Type #num
CPU S5PC520(Exynos5250) Samsung Cortex-A15 (Dual) On Board  1
Memory RAM 2GB DDR3 (32bit 800MHz) On Board  2
Storage eMMC Samsung 8GB On Board  1
PMIC S5M8767 Samsung Power Management IC On Board  1


Base Board

Parts Description Type #num
Storage SDMMC SD/SDIO/MMC I/F Socket 1
SATA SATA I/F Connector 1
SATA Power SATA Power I/F Connector 1
COM USB USB 2.0 OTG (Mini B type) Connector 1
USB 2.0 Host/Device(A type) Connector 2
USB 3.0 Host/Device (A type) Connector 1
Serial FT232(Serial to USB) Connector 1
UART0 Pin Header 1
Ethernet LAN9215(10/100Mbps ) RJ45 Connector(Combo) 1
Wifi/BT WIFI/BT I/F Connector(40pin Samtec) 1
GPS GPS I/F Pin Header 1
LCD & Touch TFT LCD&Multi-Touch MIPI DSI I/F Connector 1
Multimedia Audio I2S Audio I/F Connector(40pin Samtec) 1
Video HDMI 1.4 Video Connector 1
eDP eDP I/F Pin Header 1
HS-SPI High Speed SPI Pin Header 1
Others ENIT External INT Test point Pin Header 1
EBI External Bus I/F Pin Header 1
ADC ADC I/F Pin Header 1
Sensor Sensor I/F Connector 1
Button Power, Reset, Int, .. Button 6
Switch Power Switch Switch 1
Debug Port JTAG (10×2) I/F Box Header 1
Status LEDs LED LED 14


Audio Board

Parts Description Type #num
Codec WM1811 Header Phone Jack 1
MIC Jack 1
Line In Jack 1



Parts Description Type #num
Device AW-NH387(Marvel 88w8787) WIFI(802.11 a/g/b/n) Connector(40pin samtec) 1


Sensor Board

Parts Description Type #num
Device L3G4200D Gyroscope sensor Connector 1
LIS3DH Accelerometer sensor
AK875 Magnetic sensor
CM3663 Light & Proximity Sensor


Camera Board

Parts Description Type #num
Device S5K4ECGX 5M Camera Connector(40pin samtec) 1


LCD Board

Parts Description Type #num
Device TFT LCD (10.1 " Truly)Multi-Touch Screen MIPItoLVDS(Toshiba) convertor & Touch panel(capacitive) Connector 1


GPS Board

Parts Description Type #num
Device G1613BB0C(Patron) GPS Moduel Header 1










YSE5250 Package-A

Parts Description #Num
CPU Board YSE5250 CPU Board 1
Base Board YSE5250 Base Board 1
Modules WIFI/BT Board 1
Sensor Board 1
Audio Board 1
GPS Board 1

YIC System provides the BSP. 
You should join the members in order to download the BSP from our website.


External devices (Option)

10.1 inch LCD with Touch

10.1 inch LCD with Touch

MIPI Camera 5M

MIPI Camera 5M





Accessory (Options)

                                   Accessories package
Power Adapter 
                                   - HDMI 

                                   - USB 2.0 A/M to mini B/M 
                                   - USB 2.0 A/M to micro B/M
                                   - 4GB SD card